South Gate Church of Christ
Monday, May 20, 2019
Monday, May 20 at 11:45am
Nell Hood is in MRMC room 344
The father of Patricia Jones and grandfather of Katie Hixson is in the hospital in Texas.  The family has traveled to Texas to be with him.   Prayers are appreciated at this time. 
Edith Burgess will have knee surgery this Wednesday.

JoAnn Johnson will have outpatient surgery on her lower back this Wednesday. 
Upcoming Events at South Gate   
May 22 - Prayer Service 
May 26 - Promotion Sunday.  Children will move forward for the summer quarter during the last 10 minutes of Bible Class
May 26 - The Primtimers will go to Spring Hill to watch the Fireworks.  The van will leave South Gate at 7:30pm. 
Area Events
May 31st - Gospel Singing at Beech Hill church of Christ at 7pm
June 7th - Singing at New Lasea Church of Christ at 7pm